7 Common Signs of An Orthopedic Injury

An orthopedic injury is an injury to your musculoskeletal system, and it can cause severe pain. Some people think that these injuries would heal on their own, and people delay the treatment. Before making the condition worse, you must visit an orthopedic doctor for your treatment. Our body has 206 bones, and if any bone gets injured, you will feel constant pain and discomfort. Meet the best orthopedic in Florida and start your treatment. Before anything, you must know which conditions need treatment from doctors. Here are seven signs that tell you to consult with an orthopedic doctor.

Shoulder Pain:

If you have shoulder pain that gets severe at night and if you feel unbearable pain with the movement, an experienced orthopedist must treat your condition. Sometimes, these conditions also cause tenderness around a joint, and they may lead to tendonitis. Such a type of problem happens because of overuse or injuries. You may feel the same symptoms in your elbow, heel, and wrist. Tendons join the bones and muscles. If tendons get injured or lose elasticity because of aging, it causes swelling and inflammation of tendons. So, if you experience any symptoms, you must meet an orthopedic in Florida.

Trouble Climbing Stairs:

Joints in your knees and hips deteriorate with age, and it is a natural process. However, people sometimes feel pain while walking, climbing stairs, and getting out of chairs. These all may be a sign that you need joint replacement therapy. If the pain persists for more than six months, you must consult with your orthopedist. He/she will give you the right solution.

Numb Hands:

If you are dropping things from your hands or sense a tingling sensation in your thumb or index finger, you may have carpel tunnel syndrome. The nerve travels from your forearms to your wrist and provides sensation to your thumbs and other fingers, excluding the pinky finger. Carpel tunnel syndrome is a very common condition and can be caused by wrist fracture, repetitive flexing of wrists, or more. If you experience tingling or numb hands, you must consult with the best Orthopedic in Florida. You will get the best treatment for you.

Painful Joints:

When you feel persistent pain in your joints, it is a hint that something is wrong. Chronic pain is pain that lasts from three to six months. Such conditions can also come up with inflammation and swelling. The pain can also be caused by bones in your joints rubbing with each other. These are the symptoms of arthritis.

Women are more likely to suffer from arthritis than men. And the risk factors also increase with age. However, young people can also get arthritis problems because of many complications like excess weight, previous joint injuries, repeated joint bending, and more. If you are having painful joints, you must consult with the best doctor for your health.

Twisted Ankles:

Do you remember how many times you have twisted your ankles? Walking on uneven ground can cause a twisted ankle issue. When you feel pain and swelling outside of your ankle, it is a sign that you have developed a twisted ankle. Some people sprain their ankles habitually because of their wrong posture. Past injuries in your ankle also increase the risk factor. So, you can consult with an orthopedic for treating this complication.

Worsening Injuries:

If you have recently experienced accidents, such as falls or collisions, it takes time to heal those injuries. However, if you experience persistent pain, and the injuries do not heal on their own, you may have developed fractures. When your bone gets broken or cracked, it is fractured. The common areas of fractures are your arms, hips, spine, and legs. Children are more likely to break their arms because they guard themselves with their hands when they fall. The common signs of fractures are swelling, bruising, and more. You may experience intense pain when you move.

Swollen Wrist and Joints:

The swollen wrist is very common, and it happens when you fall on the ground, landing on your wrist. Your wrist may get swollen. You may have a sprained wrist, which means there is a stretch in the ligaments in your wrist.

Swollen joints are a sign of bursitis. When you have excessive activity and are overweight, such conditions are more likely to cause. Bursa is a sac that protects muscles, bones, and tendons from rubbing with each other. When there is swelling in the sac, the condition is bursitis. The most common areas where you may feel it are in your shoulders, arms, elbows, feet, and hips.

These are the seven conditions that need an orthopedic doctor. If you are looking for the best Orthopedic in Florida, you will get a huge number of options. Choosing the best name would be a difficult task. Injury Assistance Network will help you find the best solution for your health. We offer you the right health care services by bringing you the best doctor for treating your complication. If you have any queries, you can consult with the Injury Assistance Network.


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    7 Common Signs of An Orthopedic Injury