Exploring the Techniques: How Chiropractors Treat Chronic Pain

Pain can be intrusive in your daily activities and prevent you from being productive. People are more likely to mask the pain by popping a lot of painkillers. What if the root cause is more severe and requires immediate attention? A Personal injury chiropractor could help you find some relief and suggest treatments necessary to address the underlying issue. Do you wonder what chiropractic could do to your chronic pain, or do you want to learn about their techniques? This is the article for you. Please read the article as we covered the range of chiropractic techniques and massages that have relieved several patients from debilitating pain. 

Reframe chronic pain with popular chiropractic techniques:

Chronic pain is no joke. During 2021, an estimate of about 20.9% of US adults experienced chronic pain, where about 6.9% of them, that is approximately 17.1 million adults, have reported having high-impact chronic pain that has restricted them substantially in daily activities. Such chronic pain is associated with most-prevalent Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias and other forms of depression. Addressing chronic pain is expected to lessen production costs and expected to improve the lives of a large community and is considered imperative.

The good news is that chiropractic care offers a wide range of treatments and therapies suitable for every set of patients and is prescribed differently for specific cases after careful assessment. Some of the medicines and techniques are listed here:


Spinal manipulation- the treatment options are expanding. 

Chiropractors use manual therapies to perform adjustments, and they use their hands and objects meant for these therapies to perform adjustments. They apply controlled pressure and sudden forces to improve motion and physical function. 

  • The diversified approach: 

The technique is performed to restore spinal alignment, repair dysfunctional joints, and ensure proper mobility. During the method, the chiropractor uses hands-on thrusts with the precision that focus on restoring the patient’s range of motion. The technique is found to be worthwhile for patients who suffer from misaligned joints. Thus the method is widely used by over 96% of chiropractors.

  • Thompson Drop-table technique: 

The chiropractors use a specially designed table that is constructed with padded platforms that perform drop mechanisms. The therapy involves patients dropping for a fraction while the practitioner applies a quick thrust to complete the adjustment. The dropping mechanisms act as light vibrations for the patients and don’t cause reactive severe muscle spasms.

  • The Gonstead technique:

Gonstead techniques are performed by highly skilled chiropractors as it requires a substantial level of mastery. The goal is to uncover the spinal, neurological, and pelvic effects that impact vertebral subluxation and overall health. The technique begins by halting the progression of the chronic condition, and then the realigned spine requires a holding phase. Thus the patient is expected to visit for a couple of settings/adjustments. This phase is called maintenance care, and it varies based on the severity of the condition. Then the patient is expected to provide continuous care that prevents the recurrence of the discomfort.

  • Spinal mobilization: 

Generally, chiropractors for back pain would suggest spinal mobilization if they feel spinal manipulation can be less effective for you. The technique is different from spinal manipulation, where the goals remain the same. Some patients prefer spinal mobilization over manipulation, especially when they are obese, and the manipulation techniques are difficult to carry out and patients who are in their acute stage of chronic conditions. 

Similarly, patients with sensitive nervous systems benefit from the gentle technique to keep their body calm or prevent reactive muscle spasms. Also, when chiropractor diagnoses conditions such as osteoporosis and other conditions that contradict spinal manipulation, the soft spinal mobilization technique is suggested.

The technique involves adjustments carried out using activator tools. During the activator method, the chiropractor evaluates the length of the legs, performs muscle testing, and carries out spinal adjustments and extremity joints using the tool.

The mainstay of chiropractic includes manipulative therapies, postural education, and ergonomic training, such as an appropriate way to stand that limits back strain. Overall, chiropractic care introduces the way of living and enhances the natural course of healing.

  • Soft tissue therapy:

Soft tissue therapies are known as myofascial release that targets nerves, fascia, ligaments, muscles, and tendons. The technique is an active release mechanism that benefits people who engage in repetitive motions that causes repetitive strains, such as sports injuries. Their profession demands them to perform such activities. However, they acquire muscle strain or even damage due to the same. Therefore the myofascial release enhances their mobility and prevents repetitive injuries.


Other than therapies and techniques, there are massages too!


  • Relaxation massage:

Minds and bodies are connected so closely, and when one gets affected, the other is affected too. Relaxation massages help you unwind, and get you would be amazed to see how relieving mental stress affects your muscle stiffness. 

  • Deep tissue massage:

Deep tissue massages can hurt you. However, the goal is to remove the scar tissue and enhance blood flow. Nevertheless, you must inform the practitioner right away if you feel pain during the massage session. 

  • Hot stone massage:

The massage combines both relaxing techniques and hot stone massage that involves strategically positioning hot stones. Patients are generally encouraged to drink a lot of water before the session, as the stones are capable of expelling toxins from their blood. Naturally, the stones are heated up to 110-130 degree Celsius, yet you can inform the practitioner if the temperature is too hot for you.


Tips from the expert to manage pain:


  • Cultivate positive lifestyle changes: 

People get too anxious and stressed out because of chronic pain, the positive lifestyle changes reduce and even eliminate such pain. You can begin by walking for one hour at least three times a week, participating in some form of stretches, an activity that puts you asleep, getting plenty of sleep every night, and eating a wholesome diet. 


  • Hot and cold therapies:

Hot therapies help in expanding blood vessels and enhancing blood flow. Similarly, hot therapies decrease pain as it decreases the transmission of pain signals. On the other hand, cold treatments slow down blood circulation and alleviate pain and inflammation.

Utilizing these pain management tips can be extremely helpful in managing pain effectively. 

However, chiropractors treat pain and carry out treatment plans after complete analysis and studying medical history. Therefore, these pain management techniques don’t suffice for severe chronic pain.

Chiropractic care not only imparts better patient satisfaction, but it also offers higher objective results that significantly reduce costs associated with healthcare systems. 



You tweaked your nerve when you moved a piece of furniture; it could seem simple, but it could be the reason why you are suffering today. The never-ending quest to combat chronic pain led doctors to prescribe opioid medications; they are addictive, which is why they are declining. We are optimistic that the article has helped you understand how chiropractic care is beneficial to you. It has helped address acute pain, any chronic pain associated with your spine, and any condition that causes the pain. If you are facing discomfort every day because of pain in your neck, back, or knee, chiropractic treatment might be proper for you.


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    Exploring the Techniques: How Chiropractors Treat Chronic Pain