Find Out What Emergency Medical Assistance Covers

Emergency Medical Assistance (EMA) is a health care program for non-citizens in the USA. It is governed by state and county. The assistance is beneficial for immigrants who do not get other medical assistance due to their citizenship status. The EMA is offered at the time of emergency. It covers certain care regimes. The article discusses those care covered under emergency medical assistance in Florida.

Care and Services Provided by Emergency Department:

The hospitals will provide emergency assistance only. If the patients are in critical health conditions, which require intensive care and treatment, the EMA will offer the services. The services follow the definition of emergency assistance. Therefore no care will be provided to patients for regular checkups, outpatient visits, most dental care, and others that are not considered an emergency. In the context of income and asset limits of patients to get the services, all the patients are treated with the same benchmark. That is why the income and asset limits for medical assistance will remain the same as the income and asset limits for emergency medical assistance in Florida.

Nursing Facility:

The nursing facility will be offered to patients who are treated for an emergency condition. Continued care will be provided for patients in emergency conditions that requires such treatment. However, nursing care will be offered to stop the deteriorating conditions of patients to a limit that would require emergency assistance. Therefore, the nursing care will be focused on offering emergency assistance only. Patients who have come out of emergency condition and there is no chance of deterioration, will not be offered nursing care.

Certain Dialysis Services and others:

The emergency medical assistance service in Florida will be provided to patients who are suffering from severe health hazards due to dialysis, cancer treatment, and kidney transplant. Treatment for these emergency conditions will be offered with adequate nursing care and other medical support as deemed necessary. However, there is certain dialysis that does not need any emergency assistance. Patients falling in those categories will not get any emergency medical assistance in Florida. This clause remains the same for patients with cancer and kidney transplant.

Services not Covered by EMA:

Certain services are not covered under EMA. These services fall into three key criteria.

One, the patient can get alternate medical assistance in the hospital. The patients do not need any critical emergency care. Therefore, the patient is not offered any EMA services.

Two, the patient is under home care. There are already some nurses taking care of the patients through other nursing facility services. In other words, the patients can be taken care of in a home care environment without any hassle. In that context, the patients will not be offered any emergency medical assistance.

Three, the patients need rehabilitation care. The patient is needed additional care for speech, hearing, and other occupational therapies. In that context, the patients will not be offered any emergency medical assistance.

Emergency Medical Condition:

Now the question comes to, what is considered an emergency medical condition. The authority has mentioned it. It is however reiterated here. Three critical conditions can differentiate the emergency medical conditions.

One, when the body suffers from severe injury. It includes severe pain, broken bones, severe chest pain, and any other hazards which happened suddenly and need immediate treatment.

Two, when some injuries can harm other body functions. It can include the spreading of cancerous cells, sudden heavy bleeding, sudden heavy fall in insulin levels, HIV which requires immediate treatment, and others.

Third, when there is damage or dysfunction of any organ. It can be kidney failure, heart failure, and others that require immediate assistance. The assistance can be required for in-patient candidates or other patients. In the face of increased criticality of the patients, the EMA services will be offered to the non-resident citizens of Florida by bearing all the necessary costs.

It is another solution offered to immigrant patients who are in dire healthcare need. It is offered only to the temporary non-immigrants who are otherwise eligible and non-documented citizens of Florida.

Therefore, Emergency medical assistance in Florida is one way out for immigrants in Florida to get medical assistance when needed. It demands that patients have all the documentation ready at the time of offering services. There are millions of people who want these services at a reduced cost. The healthcare institutions in Florida cannot afford any delay due to the absence of necessary documentation and operations. Make all the preparation ready without making any delay. Since the more prepared you are the more strongly you will be able to handle any crisis at the last moment.


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