Ways Your Chiropractor Can Treat PTSD After A Car Accident

Car accidents can cause life turning events leading to severe injuries and a disorientation of body mobility. In certain cases, recovering from a car crash can also cause psychological distress. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can be one such case of emotional distress. If you have been in a car crash lately and have been encountering PTSD, we are right here. Injury Assistance Network in Florida can be your stop. Our expert chiropractic guidance can help you recover fast from PTSD after an accident. In this blog we will help you understand how our care providers can treat your PTD after encountering a car accident. 

What exactly is PTSD? 

Traumatic incidents like car accidents can often impose psychological pressure like fear, stress and anxiety. Even after physically recovering from an accident, individuals often encounter emotional stress in normal circumstances. The aftermath of a stressful situation can impose a fearful impulse in your brain. This can in return pass a signal to your body to react in an alert mode. This alert and fight or flight mode is considered as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

While being affected by PTSD, your physical injuries might also recover slowly. As your mind is often fearful of stressful situations, the healing power of your body might decrease. This side-effect of PTSD often results in slow recovery from physical sprains and strains. 

If you are searching for a Chiropractor After Accident in Florida, our institution can actively help you. Here’s a guide of how our expert chiropractors can treat your PTSD. 

Treating your PTSD with Utmost Care: How Our Chiropractors Work 

Pain Management

Suffering from PTSD after a car accident can often lead to headaches, neck, shoulders and back pain. Our Chiropractors will provide you with extensive Massage and Physical Therapies. In the case of Massage Therapy, we ensure that pressure points are maintained as needed. During our extensive physical therapy, we avail stretching, adjustment and Ischemic Pressure technique. 

What’s our uniqueness in pain management? Our Car Accident Chiropractors in Florida are associated with top institutions like World Health Wellness and WestEast Orlando Chiropractic Clinics. Under our care, you can get personalized monitoring and suggestions for both physical and emotional healing from PTSD.

Ensuring Hormonal Balances

Psychological stress experienced after a car accident may cause an imbalance in hormones. A major side-effect of PTSD lies in creating hormonal imbalances. Hormonal imbalance may cause frequent mood swings and disturbances in sleeping balance leading to physical stress. 

Chiropractors at Injury Assistance Network can help you with massage therapy. Our extensive massage therapy can help release stress points in your forehead and shoulders. With an increase in blood circulation through massage therapy, hormonal balances can be easily restored. As we help you release stress points, hormonal balances in your neck and shoulder joints might be restored. 

Reduce Anxiety and Stress 

A major aspect of PTSD can be frequent anxious feelings and stressful situations. Our Chiropractors can help you release stress and anxiety by reducing blood pressure. Hypertension, as a symptom of PTSD, increases blood pressure, resulting in physical stress. Our Chiropractors After Accident in Florida can practice Massage Therapy to improve blood circulation. A healthy blood circulation balances blood pressure and helps in calming your nervous impulses. 

What you can get is a feeling of relaxation and calmness as your impulsive actions are in check. At Injury Assistance Network, we provide you with personalized therapeutic sessions for PTSD. A combined intervention of chiropractic and occupational therapy might help you effectively treat PTSD. 

Overall Treatment through Manual Therapy 

Manual therapy encompasses an extensive management of releasing muscular tensions and pressure points. Our expert Chiropractors can help you with soft tissue therapy and trigger point Therapy. Here’s how both the manual therapies can reduce your PTSD: 

Soft-Tissue Therapy 

Applying soft-tissue therapy can focus on managing, manipulating, and rehabilitating soft issues in your body. Releasing muscular tensions across muscles, tendons, and ligaments can increase blood circulation to your brain. With an increased blood circulation to your brain, the nervous impulses caused by PTSD can be reduced. Our Car Accident Chiropractors in Florida can perform Soft-Tissue Therapy to ease anxiety by reducing stress points. 

Trigger Point Therapy 

Physical injuries caused by car accidents can often trigger negative muscle memory. Our Trigger Point Therapy can reduce negative muscle memory triggered by PTSD. Trigger Point massages can help your muscles to regain their strength, and your body regain mobility. As a result, both your physical and emotional stress can be reduced. Our expert Chiropractors can help you directly communicate with personal symptoms of PTSD. This might help us and you to easily identify your negative muscle memory and induce therapeutic help. 

Wrapping Up 

Stress and trauma can be an unwanted part of your journey after a car accident. However, connecting us can effectively ease your pain. Chiropractor service availed by Injury Assistance Network will ensure that your PTSD is handled with effective care. Choosing us might help you lead an emotionally stress-free life as well as quick recovery from physical injuries. 


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Ways Your Chiropractor Can Treat PTSD After A Car Accident

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    Ways Your Chiropractor Can Treat PTSD After A Car Accident