What are the Signs and Symptoms of Shoulder Tendinitis

When you feel pain and stiffness in your shoulders, the cause might be shoulder tendinitis. Generally, sports injuries are the primary reason behind such complications. The common identification of this shoulder tendinitis is swelling within your shoulder joint. If you are suffering from shoulder tendinitis, you can consult with a renowned Chiropractor for Shoulder Pain in Florida. Chiropractic treatment is one of the best alternative treatment approaches, and it does not require drugs and surgeries for treating your complications.

Chiropractic treatment is holistic healthcare where a chiropractor concentrates on the underlying cause of the problem. You will get permanent relief from pain when you choose chiropractic care. Let’s learn more about shoulder tendinitis. Once you understand why it happens, finding treatments will not be difficult.

A group of muscles keeps the should joint in proper conditions. These muscles are called the rotator cuff and bicep tendon. They help the upper arm bone (humerus) stay in the shoulder socket (glenoid). When these muscles and tendons get inflamed, it causes conditions like rotator cuff tendinitis and bicipital tendinitis.

In the shoulder, there is a part called the bursa between the rotator cuff and the shoulder blade bone. Bursa protects the tendons. When the bursa gets inflamed, it causes subacromial bursa.

Shoulder bursitis and tendonitis cause pain and stiffness around your shoulder.

What are the symptoms of rotator cuff tendonitis?

If you have shoulder tendonitis or rotator cuff tendonitis, the problem will get worse with time. If you have experienced the issue for the first time, you can get relief from the initial symptoms just by taking a rest. Remember that when your pain passes the elbow, it denotes other complications.

Symptoms of the rotator cuff tendinitis are:

• Pain and swelling in the front of your shoulder and in the arm
• Pain felt with raising or lowering your arm
• Clicking sound while raising your arm
• Stiffness
• Pain that disturbs your sleep
• Reduced mobility in the affected area

If you are experiencing such symptoms, you must search for the best doctor for your treatment. Consulting with a Chiropractor for Shoulder Pain in Florida would give the best solution for your pain management. A chiropractor takes care of your musculoskeletal structure by applying different types of manipulation and adjustment techniques. So, the treatment proves to be very effective for your joints, muscles, tendons, bone, ligaments, connective tissues, and more.

How to diagnose the issue:

Your doctor will examine your shoulder thoroughly. He/she will try to understand whether you have pain or tenderness in your shoulder or not. To understand your range of motion, your doctor may tell you to move your arms in recommended directions.

Understanding the strength of your shoulder is another part of the treatment. Here, your doctor may ask you to press your hands against each other. Sometimes, there is a chance of pinched nerve and arthritis. Your doctor may examine your neck to decide the cause of the pain in your shoulder.

How can you prevent this problem?

Since overuse is the main reason for shoulder tendinitis, one can avoid such conditions by taking prevention measures. You can correct your posture or techniques in your activities to prevent the problem.

Consider these basic rules:

• Gradually building up your activity level
• Use limited force and avoid overusing your arms
• Stop movement when you feel pain
• Apply cold packs or ice therapy to your shoulder three to four times a day

Chiropractic care will give you permanent relief from your shoulder pain. Unlike the traditional treatment that focuses on masking the pain, it concentrates on the cause. An experienced chiropractor applies the best treatment technique to take care of your health.

Strengthening exercises are often suggested to strengthen the weak muscles in your shoulders. A chiropractor would also suggest you improve your posture to reduce pain. Find the best Chiropractor for Shoulder Pain in Florida for treating your complications. A chiropractor applies different techniques to help you get rid of shoulder pain, and here are some common approaches mentioned below.

• Alignment: aligning your spine and muscles can improve your range of motion in your shoulder.
• Myofascial release: it is for relaxing your contracted muscles.
• Graston technique: It is an instrument that breaks up the scar tissue and relaxes the adhesion for promoting the range of motion.
• Electronic stimulation: this technique is particularly used for pain relieving and muscle therapy.

Depending on your complication, your chiropractor can use multiple therapy options for your health. consult with your chiropractor to know more about shoulder tendinitis. You can contact the Injury Assistance Network to find the best treatment for pain management after an injury. From therapeutic assistance to medical and service assistance, Injury Assistance Network covers everything to meet your health needs. Please contact us to know more.


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    What are the Signs and Symptoms of Shoulder Tendinitis