When To See A Neurologist in Orlando After A Car Accident

The Dangers Of Hidden Injuries

Finding a top neurologist when you have been in a car accident in Orlando can send you down the Internet rabbit hole. You must take the necessary steps to treat your injury, so you do not experience long term health problems.

First, identifying the symptoms you have that prompt a visit to a neurologist is an important step on your journey to recovery.

Second, finding the right neurologist in Orlando for you in the most time efficient way possible is the best way to treat any pain after a car accident and get you back to your regular life.

I.A.N., your personal injury concierge can help you identify and recognize your symptoms and then find the best neurologists and treatments in Orlando.

Symptoms That Need To Be Addressed Right Away

There can be a wide range of hidden symptoms after a car accident that you need to be aware and if ignored, can lead to long-term problems. It is essential for you to identify which ones need to be further investigated by a neurologist in Orlando because the symptoms can be dangerous if left untreated. Since all cases are unique, neurologists will cater to your needs and symptoms to get you back in tip-top shape after your car accident.

Neuropathy can occur when the nerves in the peripheral nervous system become compressed, and this can cause weakness. Pain can also be associated with this, so it is important to seek out a brain doctor in Orlando to help treat that pain you may be experiencing. Spinal cord injuries are also associated with weakness, and it is not safe to ignore these symptoms. Going to a doctor is the best way to get a diagnosis to get ahead of an injury and its symptoms as much as possible. It is dangerous to ignore any of these symptoms.

Numbness or Tingling
Damage to the spinal cord and its nerves may have taken place if you are experiencing any numbness and/or tingling after your car accident. This is not ideal since the spinal cord controls the central nervous system and is very important. Neurologists can help identify whether there has been damage to your spinal cord and can suggest a possible treatment plan.

Loss of Bladder Control
This symptom can be an indicator to a much larger problem, such as a spinal column injury. Spinal column injuries are usually associated with paralysis, and a loss of bladder control can be a symptom of this. It is a serious injury, so if you are experiencing loss of bladder control after a car accident, it is important to seek help from a neurologist immediately.

Vertigo and feelings of dizziness are quite common after a car accident, but that is no reason to ignore those symptoms. They can indicate a much larger problem, such as a concussion or other brain injury. If you are experiencing dizziness or vertigo, make sure to get help because it can be an indicator of a more serious problem.

This can be a symptom of a concussion, which comes from a hit to the head. In a car accident, it is very common to have a concussion especially if your head was impacted during your accident. If you don’t identify a concussion properly, then negative side effects can occur.

Coordination Problems
Loss of coordination could be an indicator of a brain injury, and it can be very hazardous. To treat these issues and the pain that may occur with them, it is important to seek the help from a neurologist. Seeking help at the right time can decrease the amount of time it takes for you to recover after an injury from an accident.

This is a very serious side effect of a car accident because it may mean that you have damaged your frontal lobe. The frontal lobe is the part of the brain that mediates electrical brain activity. Damage to this area of the brain is extremely dangerous because if you let the seizures go on without getting help, more damage can occur. Seizures can be life threatening, so if you experience one, you should go to a neurologist to see how you can begin the path to recovery.

Many things can cause migraines, and one of them can be a brain injury. Injuries to the brain are very dangerous, and it is not a good idea to ignore them. If you have experienced a migraine, headache, set of migraines, or set of headaches after a car accident, it is important to seek the advice of a neurologist immediately to make sure there isn’t a larger problem at hand.

Neck pain is a symptom of whiplash that is very common after a car accident. It occurs when the head is suddenly moved backwards and then forwards. This often occurs in rear-end car accidents. It is important to see a neurologist after this type of injury as well because it can be an indicator of brain or spinal damage.

Vision Problems
If you are experiencing vision problems after a car accident, it is possible that you may have a concussion or retinal detachment. It is dangerous if that is the case, so it is important to seek help from a neurologist immediately.

What a Neurologist in Orlando Does For People After A Car Accident

Neurologists provide physical exams, EEGs, and EMGs. These help to diagnose your symptoms quickly, identify their causes, and guide your path to recovery. They are very helpful and can help relieve your pain. So, if you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, you should seek out a neurologist today and not waste another minute of pain.

How I.A.N. Can Help
Finding a neurologist in Orlando near you can be very simple. Perform a search for Neurologists with I.A.N., your personal injury concierge. A search that can be carried out from your computer, phone or table and is the simplest way to find help after a car accident.

Locating the correct neurologist to aid in you in treating your symptoms can be difficult, frustrating, time-consuming, and mentally draining.

Finding relief after you have experienced a car accident is a time sensitive matter. Search here to find the neurologist you need to assist you after your personal injury.

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