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World Health Wellness is your destination if you are searching for the ultimate Ocoee chiropractor. The clinic is led by Dr. Sadat Smith, who is an expert in fulfilling his patients' chiropractic needs. Individuals need readjustment due to various reasons and each condition is different from one another. They understand that many individuals seek chiropractic assistance to address various needs, such as back pain, neck pain, headaches, and muscle tension. With a commitment to personalized care, they aim to relieve discomfort and help patients achieve health and wellness goals.

Chiropractic care focuses on the relationship between the spine and the nervous system. Proper alignment of the spine has a significant impact on the overall health of an individual. Misalignments in the spine, also known as subluxations, can disrupt nerve function and lead to various health issues. Chiropractors will correct these subluxations through gentle adjustments. The main aim of chiropractic care is to restore proper nerve function and promote the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

In addition to chiropractic services, World Health Wellness offers DOT physicals, drug testing, and spinal screenings to provide full support to patient’s health needs. The spinal screenings can offer valuable insights into patients’ health, guide their treatment plans and encourage optimal health and well-being.

Chiropractic care has numerous benefits that go beyond pain relief. It improves spinal alignment and nerve function. Chiropractic adjustments are known to improve the health and well-being of the treated individual. Many patients report an improvement in sleep quality, immune function, energy levels, and mood after receiving chiropractic care. Additionally, it can help prevent future injuries and promote longevity by supporting the body’s natural healing process.

Dr. Sadat Smith has over 15 years of private practice experience and is committed to serving as a lifestyle coach and educator. He promotes the importance of health and wellness in communities and often conducts workshops and lectures on various health-related topics. Dr. Smith’s goal is to show people how to live well. He actively engages with his audience through social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, X, and YouTube.

In addition to his expertise in chiropractors, Dr. Sadat Smith is the Vice President of the Community Action Network, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping underprivileged and disadvantaged youth through education and physical activities. He has also developed an entrepreneurial training program aimed at combining academic education with skill training to foster innovation and success in the future generation.

At World Health Wellness, patients can expect to get a complete solution for their individual chiropractic needs. The treatments are designed to promote the overall health and well-being of the patients. Dr. Smith’s extensive training and certifications, including as a board-certified Chiropractic Neurologist and a Diplomate of the International Board of Electrodiagnosis. This ensures that patients receive the highest standard of care without worrying about the quality of treatment they will receive.

Whether you are seeking to relieve pain, looking to improve your athletic performance, or simply want to improve your health, Dr Sadat Smith at World Health Wellness is here to help you. He will focus on personalized treatment plans and treat you with the latest modern equipment. Contact World Health Wellness and take the first step towards a healthier and happier you.


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Services Provided

Chiropractic Neurology
Electrodiagnosis (NCV/EMG)
Sport Injury Management
Natural Functional Medicine
DOT Physicals and Drug Testing
Sport Physicals
World Health Wellness
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Anjelic TaylorAnjelic Taylor
15:09 27 Feb 24
First time ever in my life seeing a black chiropractor with all black staff, during black history month 😍 I love it here. Besides that the Doctor was very respectful and make me feel every comfortable so did the receptionist. I love to see more black representation in the other parts of of the medical field definitely will be coming back
Malcolm EvansMalcolm Evans
14:47 13 Feb 24
Doctor was very nice and polite. Took his time and made conversations so the process goes by smooth and swift
Christ SoldierChrist Soldier
15:11 29 Jan 24
I've been driving since 1998 and this has been my best experience I've had for my DOT physical the young lady at the front desk is so polite and the Dr was so polite and welcoming and also funny I enjoyed my time and will be returning.
14:38 13 Sep 23
I had a truly wonderful experience at my Dr. Sadat Smith’s chiropractor's office. From the moment I walked in, the staff was welcoming and attentive, making me feel instantly at ease. The Doctor was not only skilled but also took the time to listen to my concerns and explain the treatment plan thoroughly. During the session, I felt immediate relief from the discomfort I had been experiencing, and the adjustments were done with care and precision. It's incredible how a visit to the chiropractor can make such a positive impact on one's well-being, and I left feeling rejuvenated and grateful for the excellent care I received.
Passion BartleyPassion Bartley
15:36 10 Aug 23
Doctor smith has helped tremendously after my accident. He has provided me with the tools to do “homework” and work towards the healing process of my back. Doctor Smith really communicates very well and give all the details of where you are in the therapy and where you need to be, as well how you can get there.

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