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A traumatic event can cause significant injury in tissues and bones, causing pain where medications cannot be very much effective. If the pain lasts longer than three months, it would be called chronic pain. Depending on the intensity of the pain, doctors will decide the best treatment approaches for your health. Injury Assistance Network introduces the best pain management solution that is conducted by specialists, and they apply a combined therapy with medications and procedures to give you the ultimate relief.

Post-traumatic pain is experienced because of nerve damage that causes faulty communication between the central and peripheral nervous systems. Identifying the signs and symptoms are very crucial in this respect. If you are suffering from traumatic pain, it needs immediate treatment from a pain management specialist.

• Varying pain intensity due to different levels of emotional stress

• Sudden arthritis pain

• Joint stiffness

• Constipation

• Headaches

• Decreased movement and functionality, and more

When it is a post-traumatic pain, multi-specialty approaches are required which are carried out by a specialist doctor. The most common treatment approaches are:

• Analgesics and pain relievers

• Antidepressant and anticonvulsant

• Spinal cord stimulation

• Sympathetic nerve-blocking medications

Treatments for pain:

Using medications and injections, doctors treat the source of the pain. The medications can be anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxants, and anti-depressants. Injections are also very effective to numb the pain; the most common choices are nerve blocks and spinal injections.

Other advanced approaches for your pain management solution are Radiofrequency Ablation and Visco supplementation. Here, doctors try to stop the pain signal by applying heat or chemical agents to the nerves. Visco supplementation, on the other hand, is an injection containing lubricating fluid, which is injected into joints. This treatment is particularly used in arthritis pain treatment.

Spinal cord stimulation is another pain treatment approach. The treatment concentrates on the spinal cord, which is the core of your body. At IAN, our experienced doctors are compassionate to your health problem and offer the most effective way of pain management after gathering in-depth knowledge of your pain disorder. 

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