Benefits of Hand Occupational Therapy

The hand is a fundamental part of the body that carries out daily life activities; therefore, an injury to it can make everyday life difficult and, consequently, limit educational or work activities.

Also, since the hand is in constant use, the recovery can be compromised by the number of uses it receives.

Hand therapy is “the way to evaluate and treat injuries and conditions of the upper extremity (shoulder, arm, elbow, forearm, wrist and hand).” It is a specialty in rehabilitation whose main objective is to achieve maximum functionality through different therapeutic techniques based on clinical and scientific evidence.

Hand therapists are qualified occupational therapists or physiotherapists whose knowledge allows them to manage the complexity of hand injuries. These conditions may be caused by accidents (e.g., fractures), diseases (such as osteoarthritis), or congenital or acquired deformities (Boutonnière deformity).

Benefits of Occupational Therapy in Hand Treatment

Undoubtedly, the benefits of occupational therapy for treating the hand are vast, mainly as it is an essential part of the body that can take time to recover fully.

Below are mentioned some benefits of occupational hand therapy that you should know, if you consider requesting such service.

Helps with Arthritis and Gout

Arthritis can be defined as joint inflammation due to wear or deterioration of the joints, especially those of the hands. On the other hand, gout is a disease caused by the accumulation of uric acid in the joints. Both diseases cause terrible pain in joints.

In these cases, therapists will assist patients by helping them use their hands differently or change their resting positions more comfortably. This will allow them to perform heavier jobs more efficiently.

Using the affected joints differently will help them perform tasks comfortably and efficiently. Occupational therapy can delay the onset of arthritis, avoid joint wear and tear, and treat the pain and discomfort these diseases cause by performing exercises and practising good habits.

Improve Hand Mobility and Relieve Pain

One of hand therapy’s most notable advantages is its ability to improve hand mobility and agility. Hand therapists use various techniques and exercises designed to strengthen hand muscles and improve coordination and movement control. Through specific exercises and therapeutic manipulation, patients can regain their range of motion and ability to perform activities such as grabbing objects, writing, or buttoning clothes.

Hand therapy can improve mobility, relieve pain, and reduce inflammation. Therapists employ techniques such as manual therapy, apply heat or cold, and use specialized therapy devices to alleviate pain and heal tissue.

Occupational Hand Therapy helps Prevent Injuries

Hand occupational therapy is not limited to rehabilitating injuries or mobility disorders. It also plays a vital role in preventing problems and maintaining hand and wrist health. Hand therapists can advise on ergonomics, proper lifting techniques, and injury prevention related to work or sports activities. This helps personal injury victims maintain good health and prevent future hand-related problems.

Another important aspect of hand therapy is its focus on functional recovery. Therapists work with patients and develop strategies that allow them to perform everyday tasks independently. This may involve teaching compensatory techniques, adapting tools, or using assistive devices to overcome physical limitations and maximize independence in daily activities.

Help Return to Work

Having a hand injury can be a susceptible situation. The limitations it imposes on us can be frustrating, as we are unable to do the things we normally do.

Limitations include immobilization after a fracture, surgical interventions on both flexor and extensor ligaments, and carpal tunnel syndrome that causes numbness in the fingers. They find difficulties in doing common activities, putting on /taking off some pants, and even grabbing the cutlery. That is why we seek to use the hand, elbow, and shoulder, not only through massage therapy techniques or other more specific techniques but also through exercises that can be included in the activities of daily living, significant for the patients.

One of the benefits of occupational therapy for hand treatment is that it increases recovery speed. This is highly beneficial for personal injury victims who need to use their hands at work.

Whether performing a trade or working on the computer, a hand injury limits the ability to work and can have substantial economic consequences. With the help of a hand occupational therapist and the right exercises, the injury will heal quickly, and you will return to work in no time.

Final thoughts

The hands are an essential body part, so they must be treated with due care. If rehabilitation is not handled carefully, recovery can be slow. However, with proper exercises and care, you can use your hands again with renewed strength.

If you need help rehabilitating your hands, we can help. Our services help you find specialized medical assistance in the treatment of personal injuries, therapeutic assistance for the rapid recovery of your injuries, and financial and legal assistance.

We can help you find the best therapeutic centers to heal your ailments and guarantee a quick and complete recovery. Contact us, and we will gladly assist you find a provider of the service that you need.


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Benefits of Hand Occupational Therapy
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    Benefits of Hand Occupational Therapy