Injuries due to an accident disturb your regular life. The healing journey will also take time, and it mostly depends on how severe your injuries are. At Injury Assistance network (I.A.N), you will get a complete medical assistance service that takes care of your health and pays attention to your faster recovery.

People can suffer from different types of injuries after an accident. No matter how intense your situation is, you will get the most needed support from our team. Our medical service assistance takes care of an array of personal injury treatments, including:

Neck, back, and spinal injuries:

In case you suffer from injuries in your neck and back or in your spinal cord, we help you get rid of pain with chiropractic care, neurological treatment, physical therapies, therapeutic exercises, and more.

Knee injuries: knee injuries are also very common, and medical treatment for knee injuries includes medication, orthopedic evaluation, physical therapy, and more. You will receive the best care from I.A.N for your personal injury assistance. We also offer Emergency Medical Assistance that provides you with the best medical assistance immediately after an accident.

Shoulder injuries: our medical professionals will offer great support for treating your shoulder injuries with medication and orthopedic evaluation, and more.

Bone fracture: if you experience a bone fracture, the pain will be severe. At I.A.N, you will get an entire service that helps you complete the recovery journey easily. With medication and physical therapy, our doctors and medical service providers help you go back to your regular life.

Brain injuries: brain injuries require special treatments, and in some cases, patients require intensive care like ventilator, nasogastric, and more. It needs immediate attention and our special care team will employ the best approaches to bring you out of any complex situations.

Besides this, psychological and emotional distress due to an accident is very common. Our entire medical service assistance concentrates on offering you a faster recovery. Injury Assistance network will be with you in every phase of this journey.

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