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Numerous traffic accidents take place on the roads of Florida every day. However, not every accident involving cars and other motor vehicles is the same. Often the terms "accident" and "collision" are used interchangeably. Even though both have more or less the same meaning, using the term "collision" implies that the incident wasn't anyone's fault. While in an "accident," there may be at-fault parties.

Although it can vary depending on who you're talking to, your words can significantly impact your case. The words "accident," "collision," or "crash" carry different connotations, and the way they are used can be a major contributor to the result of your case. When you contact your insurance provider, you may find they use the word accident regardless of the circumstances. While it can simply be a personal vocabulary preference, bear in mind that it may be an attempt to shirk their responsibility to compensate for your losses.

What Can I Do About a Wrongful Denial Insurance Claim?

In case of a "collision," your insurance provider has to provide compensation for your losses. However, insurers may try to take advantage of semantics to misconstrue the facts deliberately. Using the word "accident" suggests that there was an at-fault party or even negligence on the part of all involved parties. While you're mainly dealing with semantics, these semantics can, at least in terms of insurance claims, reframe an incident, making it difficult to convince insurers of the legitimacy of your claim. This makes it crucial to hire an attorney in traffic collision cases. An experienced attorney knows which word holds the most weight legally and best defines your circumstances. They will be able to gather police and medical reports to corroborate your statements as well as negotiate with insurance companies. Most importantly, they can help you avoid damaging your case by making the wrong statement.

Collisions, or more precisely, rear-end and angle collisions, make up over half of the injury-causing crashes in the United States. One in four motor vehicle fatalities is caused due to rear-end and angle collisions. No matter how severe or minor the collision may be, you shouldn't be denied the compensation you deserve because of misrepresentation of facts, deliberate or otherwise. Insurance companies will attempt to pressure you to accept a much smaller payout that is unlikely to cover all your expenses, and you should avoid agreeing to it at all costs.

If you've been involved in a traffic collision, make sure you seek medical care even if you feel fine. Injuries often don't manifest externally until much later and can pose a risk to both your health and insurance claim. You are in a difficult position following an accident, but insurers are more motivated to protect their financial assets than sympathize with you. Whether the collision did cause your injuries may be challenged, and the more time passes between the incident and your medical exam, the harder it is going to be to prove it.

Take legal service help

Contact an attorney to discuss your options once your injuries have been treated and recorded. Consulting a doctor is crucial even if you believe you may not be entitled to compensation or were at fault. Government agencies are distancing themselves from the word accident and its many loopholes and instead favor the neutral "collision." This gives victims like you a fair chance to present their case and receive appropriate monetary compensation.

Your case will be determined by the evidence, witness accounts, and how efficient your attorney is in dealing with traffic collision cases. Time is of the essence. Delaying a meeting with an attorney can negatively impact the result of your case. However, if you've been involved in an accident, your priority should be getting your injuries treated. Since your recovery, filing claims, and contacting an attorney are crucial to getting your life on track, you may have to deal with them all, even in a disoriented state following an accident. The confusion of a traffic collision can leave you scrambling to get a grip on your mental peace. Adding to it, the burdens of an insurance claim and worries for the future leave you with too much on your plate.

Managing so many things when getting a good rest is all you want can be frustrating. The good news is that you don't necessarily have to go through it alone. Injury Assistance Network legal services can spare you hours or even days of frantic searching for a competent attorney. Our team of sympathetic representatives is committed to simplifying the processes you have to go through while looking for a traffic collision attorney. You can rest assured that with IAN's help, you can get the best possible outcome without going through all the troublesome processes alone.

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