How Long You See A Physical Therapist In Orlando After A Car Accident

When people experience a car accident, they can be susceptible to many different injuries. Some most common injuries after a car accident include back pain, neck injuries, muscle tension, and broken bones. Depending on the type of injury you receive from a car accident and how quickly you recover, you can be in physical therapy for many weeks. The question is – what’s the fastest way to find an efficient physical therapist in Orlando that can guide you through treatment?

How Long?

The average person spends about six to eight weeks in physical therapy after a car accident. Of course, depending on the person, the recovery time can vary. Age is a main factor in recovery time, and also the quality of care received from a physical therapist. The best therapists guide their patients through stretching exercises related to their target injury areas. They may even massage the area to soften the damaged tissue and increase blood flow. They even monitor your recovery to assure that everything is flowing smoothly and without any extra pain than necessary.

Back Pain
Most people go to physical therapy for about six weeks after a car accident if they are experiencing back pain. There are spinal fractures, herniated discs, and other spinal cord injuries that arise. If the right physical therapist is not found, therapy can stretch out longer than it needs to, up to ten weeks.

Neck Pain
The common length of time it takes to recover from neck pain after a car accident is about two to four weeks. Neck pain can involve anything from whiplash to a herniated disk. These types of neck pain are very uncomfortable, so patients prefer to be treated by a physical therapist in Orlando as quickly and efficiently as possible to reduce their pain. Therapists may guide a patient through stretches and even neck exercises to rebuild the damaged muscle in the surrounding area. They can decrease neck pain by guiding the patient through the proper therapy for their unique situation and injury.

Muscle Tension
It can take up to eight weeks for muscle injuries to heal from a car accident, so it is important that a physical therapist is seen to assure the recovery is going well. They will monitor your stretches and give you hands-on massages to increase blood flow to that area.

Broken Bones
In the case of a broken bone injury after a car accident, a physical therapist in Orlando focuses on reconstructing strength, range of motion, and mobility. This process is important and can take anywhere from twelve to sixteen weeks. They may reset the alignment of a broken bone through reduction, which is to make sure that the bone heals in the proper place. If a physical therapist is not there to guide your bone where it needs to be, it can grow back in an improper place that can cause pain and affect strength, range of motion, and mobility.

Muscles can weaken if proper blood flow doesn’t circulate to the injured areas. This can result in muscle atrophy and other negative effects. This lengthens the time it takes to recover. Physical therapists can help you avoid these negative complications by giving you the proper care.

Without a physical therapist, recovery can take even longer. To make recovery more simple and more enjoyable, selecting the best therapist is an important step. They lead you down the best path to recovery so you can return to your everyday life. Recovery is important because no one wants to be bogged down from pain after a car accident. Thankfully, physical therapists are available to alleviate pain and direct you through recovery.

Is a Physical Therapist in Orlando As Helpful As They Seem?

Yes! The majority of patients who undergo physical therapy after a car accident are satisfied with the care they can provide. Of course, it is essential to locate a physical therapist that will take care of your needs, and it can be very hard to do so in the Orlando area.

How I.A.N. Can Help

Since spending time in physical therapy is important to recovery, it is necessary to efficiently manage the time you are spending in it. No one wants to be stuck with a physical therapist who wastes your time and lengthens the road to your recovery. I.A.N., your personal injury concierge, can help you find the most efficient physical therapist in the Orlando area.

You can search for a physical therapist from the comfort of your own home, which is the simplest way to find help after a car accident. Locating the correct therapist to aid in treating your symptoms can be difficult, frustrating, and mentally draining. So, allow I.A.N. to find you the best pain relief.

Finding relief after you have experienced a car accident is a time sensitive matter. Search here to find the physical therapist you need to assist you after your personal injury.

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