Reasons to Consult an Orthopedic After a Car Accident

Being involved in a motor vehicle accident is never easy. Many issues need to be dealt with, including the initial shock, anxiety, and anger, the damage to your vehicle, potential legal action, and—above all—figuring out whether you or anyone else in the accident needs medical attention.

There are times when the answer to that query is obvious. In other cases, everything seems normal up until a few days later, when you begin to feel pain or discomfort. Understanding the symptoms is the best way to determine if you have an orthopedic injury.

What Makes Seeing an Orthopedic Physician Necessary after a Car Accident? Seeking care from an orthopedic after a car accident is necessary if you have injuries because these incidents can result in serious medical problems.

Following a collision, the following are a few of the injuries that orthopedic specialists typically treat:

• Hip fracture (from the impact of crash)
• Hands or fingers broken or fractured (from trying to protect the face)
• Fractures or breaks in the ribs or clavicle (due to seat restraint or airbag deployment)
• Impingements on the shoulders (from seat restraints or crash impact)
• Torn MCL/ACL (due to the collision’s twisting motion)
• Herniation of the disc

These injuries represent just a tiny portion of what orthopedic physicians can handle. Injury Assistance Network’s staff is capable of handling any injury sustained in a vehicle accident, and we will create a personalized care plan to assist in your recovery and pain management.When Is It Time to Seek Medical Advice After a Vehicle Accident?Patients are advised to always accept medical attention when it is offered at the scene of a car accident.

Early Signs of Orthopedic Injuries: In certain cases, the injury will be obvious, and you will know that you require medical attention right away. Broken bones, cuts, the inability to move or stand, and other evident injuries are a few examples. Without a doubt, you will be brought to a hospital for emergency care.

Orthopedic Injury Symptoms That Appear Later: Some injuries have delayed symptoms, but injuries with immediate symptoms are still dangerous. This is the reason that delayed symptoms can turn dangerous.Degenerative Conditions That Automobile Accidents Can Cause Our orthopedic physicians will assist you in preventing degenerative diseases that can result from injuries sustained in a car accident, in addition to treating your current injuries.

On occasion, the first injuries indicate the start of a downward spiral. Your body won’t heal completely if you don’t get treatment. This may lead to degenerative illnesses. These are conditions that start as little discomforts, but they can become completely incapacitating over time.

In an injured person, the orthopedic physician can assist in preventing these kinds of degenerative diseases:

• Arthritis: A condition that can cause moderate to severe joint pain.
Spinal stenosis: This is a narrowing of the channel that runs through the center of your vertebrae. It frequently follows a traumatic injury. The channel starts to interfere with your nervous system when it gets too small. As it worsens, the illness is extremely painful and dangerous.
Sciatica: The sciatic nerve, which extends from your lumbar region to both feet, can become pinched, resulting in this condition. Depending on how bad it is, the pain can be anything from dull to throbbing.
Hip bursitis: This is an excruciating inflammation of the bursae, your hips’ “shocks.” In its advanced stages, pain is frequently referred to as unbearable.
Infections (following fractures): An infection can happen if a broken bone extends through the skin. Complications may arise from these infections if they are not treated right away.
Tendonitis: Tendons connect bones to muscles all over your body. Depending on the specific situation, tendon irritation or inflammation can range from little discomfort to severe pain.

Although these conditions are not always brought on by auto accidents, injuries can set them off. Your condition will then continue to worsen gradually from that point on. The best defense against injury is to seek medical attention right away.

Other Reasons for Seeing Our Orthopedic Physician Immediately

Our staff at Injury Assistance Network will give you quick instructions on how to treat your injuries. For your emergency, we will have physicians and doctors on call so that we can start caring for you right away.

If delayed symptoms reappear, you may forfeit your right to make an insurance claim or get paid if you delay seeking treatment. This may imply that your insurance pays nothing toward the enormous sum of medical bills you are left with.

An automobile collision is a major occurrence for the human body. The best course of action is always to get medical attention as soon as possible in our medical service assistance, even if only to have any hidden injuries checked.

Finding the Best Orthopedic After a Car Accident in Florida
Seeing our orthopedic after a car accident is crucial. Orthopedic injuries, such as broken bones, torn muscles, and ligaments, cause excruciating pain. To assist with your recovery from the accident, you must locate the top orthopedic physician.

Maybe your accident was treated at the medical service assistance emergency room, or you see a family doctor. It shouldn’t be the end of your care. For the care of these injuries, you require specialist treatment. In addition, in the absence of specialized treatment, you run the risk of incurring severe illnesses that could end your life in agony.

After a car accident in Florida, finding the best orthopedic physician is simple. The greatest professionals in every medical field treat car accident victims at Injury Assistance Network thanks to their experience and high success rate.

That is why we recommend you take all precautions in case of an accident. Going to an Orthopedic after a car accident is the smartest thing you can do for your health. We at Injury Assistance Network can put you in contact with the best Orthopedics in Florida. Contact us and start recovering from your personal injury.


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